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Habt ihr die Blöße bedeckt, gibt sich die Würde von selbst."
Friedrich Schiller
  May 2008 FOOD

Hillary Clinton In South Dakota: My Government Will Work With Other Governments to Solve the Food Crisis

In response to a question by a LaRouche movement organizer about the global food emergency, Sen. Hillary Clinton said at a rally in Huron, South Dakota, today, that "we've got to help revolutionize food production" around the world, and that "my government will work with other governments to solve the food crisis."

Senator Clinton appeared in four South Dakota towns today. In Sioux Falls and Madison she had two impromptu appearances in cafes, and in Huron and Watertown she spoke in front of large crowds which LaRouche movement organizers had saturated with LPAC "Interim Report" pamphlets.

At the Huron event, LaRouche movement organizer Herman Eilers was seated on the stage behind the candidate, along with six other war veterans. As the rally was winding up, Hillary turned around to have a word with the veterans, and Herman asked her a question about the upcoming FAO meeting in Rome, and the need to double food production. She told him that he had asked a really important question, and asked her staff to turn the microphone back on, and asked him to repeat his question so the audience could hear it.

Eilers said: "I'm a veteran and a farmer. I grew up here in the breadbasket of America being a producer who could help feed the world. But now millions of people are at the brink of starvation. On June 3, the same day as our primary, the FAO conference opens in Rome, and we want the agenda to be doubling food production. What would you say to give hope to the starving and to those government representatives who will be at the FAO?"

Hillary answered: "That's a very good question. We can help feed people, but we have to really help them develop the technology to expand food production in their own countries." She talked about the devastation in countries throughout Africa and in Haiti and said: "We've got to help revolutionize food production. We have got to work with the U.N. FAO and send our people trained in food production through the Peace Corps and other institutions. We have to work government to government. My government will work with other governments to solve the food crisis."

Hillary then asked Eilers if he had anything else to say and he asked: "As a farmer, we're putting a lot of acreage into ethanol. I wonder how we're going to double food production, the way everybody is focused on biofuels for energy self sufficiency." When Hillary answered by starting to talk about cellulosic research, etc., Eilers interrupted her: "How about going after the speculators?" The crowd clapped and roared their agreement, and Hillary responded: "Absolutely. We're going to stop the speculators."