"Nichts mehr davon, ich bitt euch. Zu essen gebt ihm, zu wohnen.
Habt ihr die Blöße bedeckt, gibt sich die Würde von selbst."
Friedrich Schiller
  May 2008 FOOD

Guatemalan Trade Unionists Endorse Helga Zepp LaRouche's Call

The Schiller Institute received a message of support from Guatemala, in support of Helga Zepp LaRouche's call for doubling world food production. The statement said , among other elements, that " It is our duty to continue opposition to the production of ethanol, because if this continues, it will create much more starvation in the world."

  • Carlos Enrique Wer, Economic and Social Advisor, The Mario Lopez Larrave Foundation                                

  • Raul Anibal Marroquin Casasola, Human Resources, Labor Union INDE-STINDE

  • Randolfo Ernesto Maldonado Cambara, Training Supervisor, INDE-STINES

  • Miguel Angel Tzoc Morales,  Internal Auditing, INDE-STINES, Technician

  • Walter Conrado Gayton Morales, Internal Auditing, Technician

  • Samuel Nenroht  Hernandez Orantes, Plant Operator

  • Luis Antonio Chincilla Corado, Plant Operator

  • Jose Maria  Santos Morales, Warehouse Supervisor 

  • Carlos Rene Baeza   Olivares, Training Supervisor

  • Cesar Augusto Flores Rodas, Insurance Supervisor

  • Raul Anibal Marroquin Casasola Union of National Electrical Industry Workers, STINDE