"Nichts mehr davon, ich bitt euch. Zu essen gebt ihm, zu wohnen.
Habt ihr die Blöße bedeckt, gibt sich die Würde von selbst."
Friedrich Schiller
  May 2008 FOOD

Resolution for Doubling Food Production and Leaving WTO Introduced in Michigan

A resolution to memorialize the U.S. Congress to adopt new agricultural policies that maximize food production, and to call for the United States to withdraw from the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), was introduced into the Michigan State House of Representatives May 22, by Democrat LaMar Lemmons. House Resolution 0379, which already has four cosponsors, has been referred to the Committee on Agriculture.

A similar resolution passed the Alabama House of Representatives on May 19.

The Michigan resolution notes that "the world is undergoing a food crisis of unparalleled proportions," that "free trade policies, as promoted by the World Trade Organization, NAFTA, CAFTA, and other institutions, are responsible for the United States and other nations possibly losing the ability to feed their populations," and that the crisis has been exacerbated by the conversion of farmland to biofuels.

After citing the fact that "doubling U.S. food production, ceasing payments to farmers and others that encourage the production of corn for ethanol rather than food, and paying farmers parity prices to carry out these policies would both feed our own people and could be used to help feed many other parts of the world," the resolution reads:

"Resolved by the House of Representatives, That we memorialize the Congress of the United States to adopt emergency measures that would double U.S. food produciton and to cancel immediately its membership in the World Trade Organization and the North American Free Trade Agreement, and instead, move to initiate normal bilateral trade agreements with other sovereign nation-states, consistent with past national policy."